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"...just a few days after reading your incredibly easy to follow guide, I was confident enough to build grid-inter-tied solar power system as outlined. This not only powers my entire house, but literally makes my electric meter run backwards! This guide easily paid for itself many times over in just a few weeks... "
Adam W
Venice, CA

"...your book answered all my questions about solar energy, wind turbine energy, and more!...I didn't know there were different options including the portable options, my first project and very easy... and off the grid too!... with your help, anyone can save money on their electric bill and help the environment by going green with your solar energy, wind energy, and other ideas. I think my own mother could do this...NOW!"
Louis Zanolli

"...just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. After receiving your guide we made our own solar panel grid, and it's giving us more than enough energy to power our household appliances. OUr next step is to build a wind powered system for those cloudy days. We've already noticed how much money we can save!

Thanks again for giving us the know how to help make this a better world for our kids and grandkids."

"...After reading this valuable information, I now can create my own energy saving solar generator as well as a wind turbine. This book made me realize how easy it is do these tasks. Maybe easy is not the word, because it does take energy on our part to get out there and use these devices to work for us! I would recommend to anyone wanting to save the environment (for our children) to grab hold of this book, and more importantly use it. You won't regret it..."
Mya Rubio

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Another solar power homes fan builds his own home solar power system

A brief layout of his solar system that he installed about 2 weeks ago.

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26 comments to Another solar power homes fan builds his own home solar power system

  • smokedaddyo

    thats actually …
    thats actually cheaper than i would have thought. thanks for the info.

  • donkjc2

    Dave, I love it! I …
    Dave, I love it! I have just started looking into solar power and this is a great video, it answered a lot of the questions I had. Thanks, Joe.

  • twilkes123

    theres one on ebay …
    theres one on ebay in the uk right know if you want a deal?

  • idontknow307

    Do you know of any …
    Do you know of any cheaper versions of your Tri Metric 2020 meter? Something that’s similar, but is around 50 or 60 dollars.

    BTW, thats a really sweet setup…props!

  • fencekid

    Yes. I’m still …
    Yes. I’m still hooked to the grid (far from being off it) and pay my monthly bill.

  • runescapenoobguides

    but dont u get …
    but dont u get something like a power bill?

  • jesslessthemess

    great set up :) IF …
    great set up :) IF your bat’s are at 94%, then looks like an extra inverter would do you just fine. Nothing’s going to pull more than 20amps at 120ac, so a 2000 watt inverter will work well. I’ve been staring at the gas generator in the corner of the shop and thinking about stealing it’s inverter.

  • jimmydreams

    the install …
    the install documentation for my system is at w(cubed) jjhamilton (dot) com slash solar

  • jimmydreams

    Nice! I’m going …
    Nice! I’m going whole-hog and putting up a large PV array on my house. I’m putting up a web site which documents the install, etc. ‘

    If you want to check it out, it’s at:

  • fencekid

    you pay one-time …
    you pay one-time for your equipment, which you own. the energy you harness from the sun with that equipment is free. These panels have a 25 yr warranty.

  • fencekid

    80 watt solar panel …
    80 watt solar panel = $475 each
    Sky Blue 3 stage charge controller with mppt technology = $166
    6 volt golf cart battery = $230 per set
    Tri Metric 2020 meter = $140
    500 amp shunt = $20
    1000 watt inverter = $75
    Disconnect box = $10
    So after some wire and shipping it’s pushing $1850. I know that buys allot of electricity, but for me it’s not about saving money on my power bill. It’s about becoming energy independent. Not being at the mercy of the grid = priceless.

  • liam101300

    hey that is a nice …
    hey that is a nice set up.
    may i ask how much all that cost?
    thank you.

  • runescapenoobguides

    if i buy a solar …
    if i buy a solar panel system then will i still get a bill or is it a one-time fee??

  • fencekid

    The panel name is …
    The panel name is Eliminator made by Motomaster. I had never heard of them either. A local dealer here in Utah sells them. They are designed for cabins and RVs. Max rating for each panel is 5.3 amps, but after it rains and the air is clear, i have seen these panels together reach 12 amps!

  • cizco127

    where can i get …
    where can i get these panels

  • 1kings1918

    I too think you …
    I too think you have a nice video. I’ve got a 70 watt panel and was trying to make a decision on the Controller. The extra bucks for the MPPT seems to be the way to go. Have you thought about 24v to extend distance and/or reduce wire size needed?

  • fencekid

    Thanx, so far I …
    Thanx, so far I love it. As long as your bank is in a well ventilated area,you should be alright. I keep mine in the house in the laundry room, as close to the panels as possible. If you can keep your bank warm, this will help maximize performance and longevity. banks that are exposed to freezing temps aren’t as efficient and will need to be replaced sooner. The shorter your wires the better.

  • belairhotrod

    The best …
    The best information on here so far, I just started mine and I will stay in touch. Very nice setup thanks.
    Does the Bank need to be outside(Garage)?

  • 12643

    yup same here . I …
    yup same here . I watched quite a few more. I went out bought a 30W Solar panel, solar charger, inverter and car battery. Its working good. Just now got to get it on my roof. :D

  • fencekid

    picked it up online …
    picked it up online. just google it, you should get there

  • fencekid

    i got most my info …
    i got most my info from utube vids

  • 12643

    Was there a website …
    Was there a website you visited with a manual to set one of these up?

  • Angelolalli

    nice vid .where did …
    nice vid .where did you get your blue sky controler? i live in Canada

  • marsL001

    dude, i love ur …
    dude, i love ur system
    80!! watts pr panel?? at 8.2 amps???
    whooauwza man ;)
    nice vid

  • Great post! Thank you very much for given this…

  • Great video. I’ve been looking for some non-commercial video on how a complete system is done. I live in Arizona so I desperately need to install one of these.

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